The United Kingdom offers a vast variety of higher education opportunities. More than 100 universities offering various degree programs for international students. In the UK about one-third of all students go on to some form of higher education.
The UK is home to 438,000 international higher education students each year. Experiences, knowledge, and confidence gained by studying in the UK will inspire students to create their own path in life. 
In the UK most undergraduate degree programs take three years to finish. There is a program called “sandwich course” that makes study in the UK much more interesting. Sandwich cource is a four years study and involves one year in the work place, normally in the third year.

World Famous higher education system:

The UK higher education is among the best in the world and consistently performs well in world rankings. In the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018, UK universities have 3 in the top 10, two universities being the top 2 universities in the world. Seven universities are in the top 50 in Times Higher Education World Ranking 2018.

Quality Assurance

The UK has a world wide reputation for quality assurance in education sector. All colleges and universities are held to strict standards by the government. Students are getting the best teaching, support and resources available.
The UK government publishes lists of officially recognized universities and colleges so students can be sure that the choosen University or college has passed the quality assurance tests.
Students will also have access to the latest facilities for research purposes. The UK leads the world in quality research having overtaken the US to rank first by field-weighted citation impact – an indicator of research quality.

Teaching Style

The UK teaching system is designed to encourage you to ask questions, debate and come up with your own ideas. Universities combine practical learning with lectures and seminars and embrace innovative teaching methods and high-tech learning environments. There is a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience. Many courses have options for work placements and internships that count towards your degree. Many offer the chance to gain professional accreditation too.


One of the best things about UK higher education is the chance to really pursue your interests. There are a wide range of courses on offer, from the traditional to the cutting-edge, from Computer Games Development to Entrepreneurship.
Many courses also include ‘modules’. These are different options that allow you to choose from a range of subjects within your course to build a programme that suits you.


The UK has the highest international student experience satisfaction ratings for English-speaking countries, with over 90 per cent of students happy with their experience. As a student in the UK, you will enjoy a great lifestyle: beautiful countryside, historic sites, city life and music and culture.

Student need to arrange finances before arriving at university. Sufficient funding needed to cover accommodation, books, stationary, food and of course social costs. The average cost of living in the UK will be vary between £1,050 to £1,600 per month.

Below is an approximate guide to the minimum amount you should expect for living expenses in the UK per month. These costs are for one person only. Students with children and dependants should keep this in mind when working out a budget.

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